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Everything started with a ski-lift which was built by farmers Angela & Anton Fink in the mid-1960s. After the first winter it became clear that the Hochfuchshof was too small for all the skiers and thus they started to think about how they could look after all the hungry skiers. At first there was a self-service restaurant and things just continued to grow.

1968: Building work started.
1970: In December “Berghof Dachsteinblick” was opened with 20 bedrooms and a restaurant for 130. Tourism started to boom!
1976: On 18th July lightening caused a big fire to spread. The Hochfuchshof (the house where the Finks lived) was completely burnt down.
1978: The Hochfuchshof was re-built.
1992: Daughter Katharina Schweizer (née Fink) took over the hotel . It was also time to start renovating the hotel’s bedrooms and bring them up to the standard of the time.
1997: It was time for the the first big renovation. The lift as well as the hotel lobby were built.
2000: Underneath the roof Katharina had the ceiling lifted by one metre in order to make the attic rooms on the first floor more comfortable.
2007: It was time to build again. This time a flat and further rooms for guests and employees were built.
2014: After numerous seasons of working and gaining experience elsewhere Margit Schweizer (daughter) returned with her future husband Michael Oberreiter and slowly the kitchen was re-structured.
2016: The third generation Margit (née Schweizer) with her husband Michael Oberreiter took over “Hotel Berghof Dachsteinblick”. It immediately became clear that alterations to the restaurant were necessary and that the name was no longer appropriate. The two put their heads together to find a more authentic name.
2017 & 2018: 10 rooms and the ladies’ toilets were completely renovated and the plans for the restaurant completed, in order to go with the style of the kitchen.
2019 The layout of the restaurant was completely changed. After ten weeks of renovation work Hotel – Restaurant “AM HOCHFUCHS” was re-opened on 9th March!